February 10, 2011
by Hatch


In 2004 I had the good fortune of being part of the small team that created a company called FindawayWorld, and brought to market a revolutionary digital audio product called Playaway (www.playaway.com). As Founder and President, I watched the company grow from an idea into an Inc 500 success story; from three guys above a small liquor store to 100+ associates in a bustling office and manufacturing facility; from a company losing money to one making millions.

Looking back on our journey, I’ve always believed that we achieved our success because right from the start we built our enterprise on a set of clearly articulated core values that defined both our company and the type of people we wanted to attract to our team. We called ourselves Findawayers; and we worked like we were on a mission — because we were. Recently, as a proud Founder, Owner and Board Member of FindawayWorld, I was asked to share my definition of “What it Means to be a Findawayer” for a corporate culture book the company is compiling. I’m sharing what I wrote below because I believe becoming a Findawayer is at the heart of finding a way forward as an entrepreneur.

What It Means To Be A Findawayer:

Findawayers believe nothing is impossible.

Findawayers can be old or young, rich or poor, well schooled or simply well seasoned. They can be articulate and inspiring, or quietly effective. They can exist at every level of an organization — from the college intern to the Founder & President.

Findawayers value creativity more than authority, tenacity as much as raw talent, and shared success over personal rewards. They get things done, but have fun along the way. And they recognize that humility, like a rising tide, lifts all boats, while a weighty ego acts as an invisible anchor that holds back innovation and growth.

Findawayers dig in just when others check out. They get up when others would give up. And they take “no” as a personal challenge, not as a final answer.

Findawayers are brave enough to look stupid while trying something new, and smart enough to embrace a good idea even if it’s not there own. They seldom take credit, but always take responsibility. They like to solve problems without taking sides. And they treat everyone with respect regardless of rank.

Findawayers are not defined by their circumstances, but instead by their attitude. And so they don’t measure success by how much they earn, but instead by how much they contribute.

In the end, Findawayers change the world around them for the better because they believe in themselves, and the full potential of every peer, every partner and every possible idea they encounter.

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